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King’s gambit

5 August, 2020 · News> Europe> Spain

Juan Carlos I leaves Spain. The parties’ response, especially the institutional parties, is far from the official song of the 1978 Transition. Today, all the media insist that in little more than six years, the monarchy dispensed with its legal founder and the new king refounded de facto the royal house by removing the princesses and emeritus kings, striving to give the institution and its public accounts the most official appearance. Are we facing an institutional crisis? What forces are driving it? What are the bourgeoisie and the Spanish state reacting to, and with what horizon?

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Wave of struggles in Iran

3 August, 2020 · News

The surge of strikes that we are detecting around the world is now reaching Iran, where since December 2017 at least three waves of struggle have taken place.

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Is there no news in August?

3 August, 2020 · News

Demonstration in Berlin yesterday against the mandatory use of anti-Covid masks.

A quick summary of the day's news to avoid being disconnected from reality by the media.

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Moving toward new blocs

1 August, 2020 · News> Global situation> Weekly Report

US fleet in South China Sea.

Those who follow our daily international news summary have been following the steps of the almost daily increase of aggressiveness between the USA and China throughout the week. The explicit goal of U.S. capital is to contain China's development, that is, to bring it to a standstill and to confine its capitals in a belt of armed conflicts from the South China Sea to the Indian Ocean. By now, the trickle of imperialist cross-aggressions has become an open faucet in which one milestone follows another almost daily and in which it is easy to end up losing the really significant elements.

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Today’s lies will become September’s attacks

29 July, 2020 · News

It seemed impossible to overcome the great heights already reached with the pandemic, but the end of the parliamentary year is being a real festival of nonsense whose only real objective seems to be the misleading manipulation of the data regarding contagion, employment and even the real volume of European funds.

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Racialism, feminism and equality

25 July, 2020 · Marxism> Critique of ideology

Why are racialism and feminism replacing movements for equality of rights? There is a certain pattern in the way these movements expanded globally in the last four years. Feminism and Anglo-Saxon-style racialism share identical arguments and tools in their structure. However, while feminism has been adopted as a state ideology in several continental European countries, racialism is receiving, especially in France, a head-on response from the state itself and its left wing.

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War on hold

24 July, 2020 · News> Global situation> Weekly Report

Turkish army

Without a doubt the news of the week is the approval last Monday by the Egyptian parliament of using the army to invade Libya. Since then the Mediterranean has been simmering. The good news: no more blood has been spilled. The bad news: regional powers are doubling their stakes in the short term.

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Strike for Black Lives

23 July, 2020 · News> North America> USA

In the US an alliance of unions and progressive groups called a one day strike on Monday as a show of solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement (BLM). Participating unions and activist groups include the SEIU (public services), the Brotherhood of Teamsters (truckers), the American Federation of Teachers (teachers), the United Farm Workers (laborers), the Fight for $15 and a Union, March On, the Center for Popular Democracy, the National Domestic Workers Alliance and the Movement for Black Lives. They are kneeling as a symbol of atonement for racism, they demand the approval of the HEROESact, they encourage unionization...…

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EU funds: when “aid” means cutbacks, precariousness and attacks on pensions

22 July, 2020 · News> Europe> European Union

Grandiloquent verbiage about the European agreement, huge amounts, Sánchez received amidst applause from his ministers as if he were Caesar returning triumphant from Gaul... and two truths. The first one is that the access conditions to the funds establish a protectorate similar, if not worse, than the one suffered by Greece ten years ago; because in the end, the direct aid programs are conditional on a greater precarization of labor, a direct attack on pensions and the dismantling of Social Security. The second that as Vice President Calviño said, these reforms were already on the government's agenda and the conditions will serve to implement them disguised as European imposition.

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Egypt invades Libya

21 July, 2020 · News> Global situation

Yesterday, the Egyptian parliament, meeting in secret session, approved the deployment of troops to Libya. As we have been warning with increasing urgency in the last month, the invasion of Libya by Egypt marks a point of no return in the spread of the war in the Mediterranean.

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What happened on July 19th?

19 July, 2020 · History

Rey Vila, "July 19" published in "Images of the Spanish Revolution".

The year 1936 saw a strong recovery of the class struggle after the inevitable slump that followed the defeat of the failed insurrection of October 1934. In spring, the resignation of the President of the Spanish Republic opened the way for a fascist "way out" of the crisis. On July 17 and 18, a military uprising confirmed that a sector of Spain's ruling class -the most reactionary one- had decided to take that path. But on the 19th, the "unexpected" general insurrection of the Spanish proletariat, overriding parties and unions, disarmed the armed reaction and seized power in 4/5ths of the territory.

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July 19th around the world

19 July, 2020 · News> Global situation

Rey Vila, "July 19" published in "Images of the Spanish Revolution".

Today is July 19th, the 84th anniversary of the revolution of 1936. A date whose historical meaning goes far beyond Spanish history and which imposed such a deep rupture in Spanish history that even today the state mobilizes laws and resources en masse to try to convince us that it never existed, that there was no workers' revolution but rather anti-fascism and defense of democracy. It is by no means a one-off phenomenon. This year, in South Korea, the 40th anniversary of the Gwangju Commune was celebrated with great state pomp while attempting to transform a massive workers' insurrection into a struggle for democracy. In the battle for memory, the ruling classes tolerate no narrative other than what they call the democratic one. And the perspective is that this implantation of memory will be increasingly important in state propaganda, because the same forces after July 19th or Gwangju, are on the rise again. And this applies also to the countries that suffered on the front row the stalinist counter-revolution, the same one that crushed the Spanish revolution, both in its original form in the USSR and in its chinese derivatives.

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