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EU Summit: another step towards implosion

15 July, 2020 · News> Europe> European Union

This Friday begins the first European Council meeting to be held since the spread of the pandemic on the continent. Merkel, Sánchez and Conte are on a tour visiting and lobbying the governments of the Netherlands, Austria, Denmark and Sweden. At stake are the rescue funds on which Spain, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Croatia and even France depend to provide the state budgets. And yet, it is not even the most dramatic issue: the war in the Mediterranean is a growing threat and the Summit is also divided on how to respond.

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The end of “confluences”

13 July, 2020 · News> Europe> Spain

Podemos candidate in Galicia accepting defeat during the election night.

These were the first elections in Spain after the state of alarm. In Galicia, the BNG tripled its results, fully inheriting the voter base of En Marea, the Galician confluence of Podemos, which split in two and disappeared from the parliament. In Euskadi, Podemos reduced its representation to half and the seats were taken by Bildu, who obtained the best result in its history. If we add a PNV that has scratched votes to a PP in free fall, the global result is a majority of 4/5ths for Basque nationalism. In Galicia and the Basque Country, the parliamentary left is now nationalist. The time of the so-called confluences is definitely over; we can see that Podemos is unable to centralize the revolt of the peripheral university-derived petty bourgeoisie and that for that sector the arrival of Podemos-IU to the Spanish council of ministers does not bring forward anything interesting. They want something else.

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Reclaiming our cities

12 July, 2020 · Arts and enterteinment> Architecture

The big corporate buildings in Barcelona and Madrid are now switched off at night. Many offices were left empty or had a large number of their staff reduced. Terraces, on the other hand, are full, masks are scarce, distances are narrow. The eagerness to mitigate at all costs the looming disaster for hotel and tourist investments, makes the new normality increasingly disturbing, more fragile with each new outbreak. In Catalonia, 816 new cases were counted yesterday. It is not surprising that from eight o'clock onwards the pavements are uncrowded and most streets are empty before midnight. The mayors tell us that it's time to reclaim the city. They actually mean that we should take more risk, go out, travel and spend to recover the revenue of small businesses and chains. Neither is it the time nor is it our problem. And yet, both the new normal summer in Europe and the winter of confinement in South America may be a good time to take back the places we live in a very different way.

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The morality of a meat grinder

8 July, 2020 · Marxism> Morality

Donald and Melania Trump in an even on school reopening.

There is more and more clinical evidencethat Covid is also transmitted through aerosols as well as droplets and that this is related to the global acceleration of the pandemic. ventilation systems in slaughterhouses, factories, offices and even hospitals should be urgently checked. But no, it doesn't matter: Trump is already pressing to reopen schools in the middle of a new epidemiological peak, Sánchez with dozens of outbreaks is telling us that we don't have to be afraid and that the important thing is to recover the economy, that is, the profitability of capital at all costs. The same refrain as French officialdom. The message is clear. No wonder Merkel has been so grateful to the media for the services provided. But the facts, and the virus, are stubborn.

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Fragility and ideological crisis

6 July, 2020 · News> Global situation

El primer ministro británico, Boris Johnson, durante un discurso en su visita al Dudley College of Technology en Dudley, Reino Unido, el 30 de junio de 2020. Paul Ellis/Pool vía Reuters

Trump revealed the arguments of his election campaign last July 4th: to fight the new far left fascism. This is by no means the first time that he shows a primary anti-communism, McCarthyist-style, in his speech. This type of discourse has never been completely absent in American politics. Another thing is its normalization on a global scale. That in itself is a significant novelty.

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Why are stocks going up when everything is going awry?

2 July, 2020 · News> Global situation

From the USA to China through Brazil and Spain, the (un)employment figures are shocking. And with the market shrinking on a weekly basis, capital inflows and foreign direct investment is falling in China, Russia, Britain, the Netherlands.... Geopolitical uncertainty has reached its peak, to top it all. In addition to the trade war between the United States and China, there is also the war between India and China, and the one between Japan and South Korea. And more will come. And yet... the stock markets are rising and the share prices of big companies -especially technology companies- keep climbing until they become divorced from any relation with future profits. Why?

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What is Spain?

30 June, 2020 · News> Europe> Spain

Nadia Calviño, Spanish Vicepresident of Economic Affaires.

Today, the Spanish Minister of Economy, Nadia Calviño, has published a document to convince large capital funds to invest in state debt. In other words, she explains why betting on the overall result of national capital is a good investment. The set allows to understand well the continuity of the "road map" of the Spanish bourgeoisie and what it considers its "achievements". Achievements that, of course, the PSOE-IU-Podemos government makes its own and intends to carry "further".

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A “Green Wave” in the French municipal elections

29 June, 2020 · News> Europe> France

Grégory Ducet, the green candidate for mayor of Lyon, celebrates his victory yesterday.

The outcome of the French municipal elections is greeted as a "green wave" by the European press. And in fact the green party took over the mayor's offices of Lyon and Strasbourg, Paris was left in the hands of the former PS, the old stalinist PCF lost emblematic cities of the suburbs such as Sant Denis and the ultra-right wing lost almost half of its town councillors and an important asset in Marseille , although it gained Perpignan. To sum up: the distribution of offices speaks of a recomposition and electoral rise of the left in which the Socialist Party leaves the leadership to the Greens. But this official story remains very lame and incomplete.

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Covid is not over, the need to fight even less so

28 June, 2020 · News> Global situation> Weekly Report

Workers strike in Wasko, CAL.

Three highlights of this week: Covid is still around and the "reopenings" are proving to be more dangerous than what they told us; the alleged return to "business as usual" is a disaster pushing towards ever more serious conflicts between national capitals; and strikes and struggles are spreading and gaining strength as the only counterweight to the anti-human and warmongering tendencies of global capital.

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What can we expect from the discontent brewing in the universities?

26 June, 2020 · News> Europe

Yesterday, a PhD in History posted on her twitter account: "How can you recommend someone to devote half their life to research if at 31 years of age I earn 800 euros and have gone back to live with my family?" The message quickly gained thousands of supporters because it conveyed a a general mood that abounds in universities. Yet another generation of students has been let down. But what exactly are they denouncing? Where is this denunciation pointing to? Are they looking forward or backwards?

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