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Strike for Black Lives

23 July, 2020 · News> North America> USA

In the US an alliance of unions and progressive groups called a one day strike on Monday as a show of solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement (BLM). Participating unions and activist groups include the SEIU (public services), the Brotherhood of Teamsters (truckers), the American Federation of Teachers (teachers), the United Farm Workers (laborers), the Fight for $15 and a Union, March On, the Center for Popular Democracy, the National Domestic Workers Alliance and the Movement for Black Lives. They are kneeling as a symbol of atonement for racism, they demand the approval of the HEROESact, they encourage unionization...…

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EU funds: when “aid” means cutbacks, precariousness and attacks on pensions

22 July, 2020 · News> Europe> European Union

Grandiloquent verbiage about the European agreement, huge amounts, Sánchez received amidst applause from his ministers as if he were Caesar returning triumphant from Gaul... and two truths. The first one is that the access conditions to the funds establish a protectorate similar, if not worse, than the one suffered by Greece ten years ago; because in the end, the direct aid programs are conditional on a greater precarization of labor, a direct attack on pensions and the dismantling of Social Security. The second that as Vice President Calviño said, these reforms were already on the government's agenda and the conditions will serve to implement them disguised as European imposition.

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Egypt invades Libya

21 July, 2020 · News> Global situation

Yesterday, the Egyptian parliament, meeting in secret session, approved the deployment of troops to Libya. As we have been warning with increasing urgency in the last month, the invasion of Libya by Egypt marks a point of no return in the spread of the war in the Mediterranean.

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What happened on July 19th?

19 July, 2020 · History

Rey Vila, "July 19" published in "Images of the Spanish Revolution".

The year 1936 saw a strong recovery of the class struggle after the inevitable slump that followed the defeat of the failed insurrection of October 1934. In spring, the resignation of the President of the Spanish Republic opened the way for a fascist "way out" of the crisis. On July 17 and 18, a military uprising confirmed that a sector of Spain's ruling class -the most reactionary one- had decided to take that path. But on the 19th, the "unexpected" general insurrection of the Spanish proletariat, overriding parties and unions, disarmed the armed reaction and seized power in 4/5ths of the territory.

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July 19th around the world

19 July, 2020 · News> Global situation

Rey Vila, "July 19" published in "Images of the Spanish Revolution".

Today is July 19th, the 84th anniversary of the revolution of 1936. A date whose historical meaning goes far beyond Spanish history and which imposed such a deep rupture in Spanish history that even today the state mobilizes laws and resources en masse to try to convince us that it never existed, that there was no workers' revolution but rather anti-fascism and defense of democracy. It is by no means a one-off phenomenon. This year, in South Korea, the 40th anniversary of the Gwangju Commune was celebrated with great state pomp while attempting to transform a massive workers' insurrection into a struggle for democracy. In the battle for memory, the ruling classes tolerate no narrative other than what they call the democratic one. And the perspective is that this implantation of memory will be increasingly important in state propaganda, because the same forces after July 19th or Gwangju, are on the rise again. And this applies also to the countries that suffered on the front row the stalinist counter-revolution, the same one that crushed the Spanish revolution, both in its original form in the USSR and in its chinese derivatives.

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Imperialism is no game

17 July, 2020 · News> Global situation> Weekly Report

Azerbaijan yesterday

This week the world press talked, a lot, about issues we usually warn about in our weekly reports: the tendency, denounced by the UN Secretary General, of the war in Libya to become an open war between powers or the danger of clashes between the navies of the US and China in the South China Sea as well as in the Taiwan strait. That is why in this report we will focus on new developments that have been pushed to the background by the media but are no less important or dangerous.

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EU Summit: another step towards implosion

15 July, 2020 · News> Europe> European Union

This Friday begins the first European Council meeting to be held since the spread of the pandemic on the continent. Merkel, Sánchez and Conte are on a tour visiting and lobbying the governments of the Netherlands, Austria, Denmark and Sweden. At stake are the rescue funds on which Spain, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Croatia and even France depend to provide the state budgets. And yet, it is not even the most dramatic issue: the war in the Mediterranean is a growing threat and the Summit is also divided on how to respond.

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The end of “confluences”

13 July, 2020 · News> Europe> Spain

Podemos candidate in Galicia accepting defeat during the election night.

These were the first elections in Spain after the state of alarm. In Galicia, the BNG tripled its results, fully inheriting the voter base of En Marea, the Galician confluence of Podemos, which split in two and disappeared from the parliament. In Euskadi, Podemos reduced its representation to half and the seats were taken by Bildu, who obtained the best result in its history. If we add a PNV that has scratched votes to a PP in free fall, the global result is a majority of 4/5ths for Basque nationalism. In Galicia and the Basque Country, the parliamentary left is now nationalist. The time of the so-called confluences is definitely over; we can see that Podemos is unable to centralize the revolt of the peripheral university-derived petty bourgeoisie and that for that sector the arrival of Podemos-IU to the Spanish council of ministers does not bring forward anything interesting. They want something else.

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Reclaiming our cities

12 July, 2020 · Arts and enterteinment> Architecture

The big corporate buildings in Barcelona and Madrid are now switched off at night. Many offices were left empty or had a large number of their staff reduced. Terraces, on the other hand, are full, masks are scarce, distances are narrow. The eagerness to mitigate at all costs the looming disaster for hotel and tourist investments, makes the new normality increasingly disturbing, more fragile with each new outbreak. In Catalonia, 816 new cases were counted yesterday. It is not surprising that from eight o'clock onwards the pavements are uncrowded and most streets are empty before midnight. The mayors tell us that it's time to reclaim the city. They actually mean that we should take more risk, go out, travel and spend to recover the revenue of small businesses and chains. Neither is it the time nor is it our problem. And yet, both the new normal summer in Europe and the winter of confinement in South America may be a good time to take back the places we live in a very different way.

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The morality of a meat grinder

8 July, 2020 · Marxism> Morality

Donald and Melania Trump in an even on school reopening.

There is more and more clinical evidencethat Covid is also transmitted through aerosols as well as droplets and that this is related to the global acceleration of the pandemic. ventilation systems in slaughterhouses, factories, offices and even hospitals should be urgently checked. But no, it doesn't matter: Trump is already pressing to reopen schools in the middle of a new epidemiological peak, Sánchez with dozens of outbreaks is telling us that we don't have to be afraid and that the important thing is to recover the economy, that is, the profitability of capital at all costs. The same refrain as French officialdom. The message is clear. No wonder Merkel has been so grateful to the media for the services provided. But the facts, and the virus, are stubborn.

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Fragility and ideological crisis

6 July, 2020 · News> Global situation

El primer ministro británico, Boris Johnson, durante un discurso en su visita al Dudley College of Technology en Dudley, Reino Unido, el 30 de junio de 2020. Paul Ellis/Pool vía Reuters

Trump revealed the arguments of his election campaign last July 4th: to fight the new far left fascism. This is by no means the first time that he shows a primary anti-communism, McCarthyist-style, in his speech. This type of discourse has never been completely absent in American politics. Another thing is its normalization on a global scale. That in itself is a significant novelty.

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